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People, Politics and the Planet – Any Questions?

Join us on the evening of 21st July 2016, for the first opportunity to put your questions to leading politicians on the future of environmental policy in the UK in the aftermath of the EU referendum, chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby. Read more…

IUCN World Conservation Congress

The Sibthorp Trust is an IUCN Member and as such intends to play its part in making the next IUCN World Conservation Congress a success by contributing an e-poster entitled ‘Further development on the implementation of the Ecosystem Approach.

The issues to be addressed by the Conference are:

  1. Clarification of the on-going confusion over the term “Ecosystem Approach
  2. Relationship to numerous other approaches to integrated ecosystem management and where different approaches may be better
  3. Need for further guidance in applying the Ecosystem Approach
  4. Identification of target audiences
  5. What is currently holding back successful implementation
  6. Opportunities for application and associated constraints
  7. Proposal of 20 points of guidance
  8. Need for a more effective communication strategy and outreach

This quadrennial event takes place in Honolulu, Hawai’i in September 2016.

The Sibthorp Trust supports “The iAct Dialogues for Sustainability”

Sibthorp Trustees have recently agreed to work with the Sustainability Leaders Network (based in the US but a global operation) in support of their initiative, ‘The iAct Dialogues for Sustainability’. These are a series of webinars aimed at the upcoming generation of young environmentalists and themes are about to be chosen. It is hoped that the results of these debates will form the next edition of The Sibthorp Papers. Read more…

Ecosystem Approach – Taking Stock

The first Sibthorp Seminar in 1996 made a significant contribution to ecosystem management, breaking away from conventional thinking, and identified principles of ecosystem management that subsequently proved strongly influential in guiding the definition of the Ecosystem Approach under the CBD and the articulation of the rationale underpinning its application. Some 15 years on, there is now widespread acceptance of the need for integrated and holistic approaches to the management of natural resources, such as the ecosystem approach. Read more…

The Sibthorp Trust Cirencester Conference 2011

You can view a list, with links, of the presentations given at The Sibthorp Trust Cirencester Conference by clicking here.

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