The Sibthorp Trust supports “The iAct Dialogues for Sustainability”

Sibthorp Trustees have recently agreed to work with the Sustainability Leaders Network (based in the US but a global operation) in support of their initiative, ‘The iAct Dialogues for Sustainability’. These are a series of webinars aimed at the upcoming generation of young environmentalists and themes are about to be chosen. It is hoped that the results of these debates will form the next edition of The Sibthorp Papers.

The iAct Dialogues have recently achieved 2nd place out of 108 entries in the Planetary Solutions competition organized by Sustainable Silicon Valley. This is in addition to being named a Jury Finalist. We hope this is the first of many successes in the future of The iAct Dialogues.

You can find further information on the iAct Dialogues on HERE

A webinar, held in July 2013, was entitled “The Development/Conservation Conflict: An Intergenerational Discussion”. Sponsored and co-designed with the Sibthorp Trust, this intergenerational conversation on Development and Conservation Conflict focused on conceptualising the bigger picture while developing a vision for the future. Webinar speakers and 30 participants identified key challenges and questions, and proposed solutions for increasing resilience of natural and social systems. The webinar culminated in brainstorming action steps that participants can take for promoting sustainability in their personal and professional lives. A summary of the webinar discussion can be found HERE.

Your organization can co-design and sponsor a global, intergenerational webinar on a key sustainability, systems change or leadership topic. Learn more about the iAct Dialogue for Sustainability webinar series HERE.

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